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Index Entry Section

Edit a file3.2.1 Open
Edit the list of C flags3.9.6.7 C-Flags
Edit the list of C++ flags3.9.6.8 CXX-Flags
Edit the list of debugging flags3.9.6.12 Debugging-Flags
Edit the list of Fortran flags3.9.6.10 Fortran-Flags
Edit the list of optimization flags3.9.6.13 Optimization-Flags
Edit the list of Pascal flags3.9.6.9 Pascal-Flags
Edit the list of reserved words3.9.6.5 Reserved words
Edit the list of reserved words for Pascal3.9.6.6 Pascal reserved words
Edit the list of user defined words3.9.6.14 User words
Edit the list of warning flags3.9.6.11 Warning-Flags
Editor4.2 How the editor works
Editor options3.9.6.2 Editor options
Editor, block commands4.2.4 Block commands
Editor, cursor moving4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Editor, erasing commands4.2.1 Erasing commands
Editor, other useful commands4.2.5 Other commands
Editor, select some text4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Environment variables1.9 Environment variables
Environment variables1.9.1 Setting environment variables for RHIDE
Environment variables3.9.1 Directories
Erasing commands4.2.1 Erasing commands
Executing your program3.5.1 Run
Exit3.2.7 Exit
Expanding tabs3.3.10 Expand all tabs
Exporting the RHIDE project files1.7 The program GPREXP

File cachingNo file caching
File open dialog3.2.1 Open
Files for syntax help3.11.3.2 Files to search
Finding text3.4.1 Find
Flags for C files3.9.2.4 C options
Flags for C++ files3.9.2.5 CXX options
Flags for Fortran files3.9.2.7 Fortran options
Flags for Pascal files3.9.2.6 Pascal options
Fortran flags, edit them3.9.6.10 Fortran-Flags
Fortran options3.9.2.7 Fortran options
Free memoryshow free memory
Function call stack3.7.6 Call stack

Generating of warnings3.9.2.1 Warnings
Global editor options3.9.6.2 Editor options
GNU/Linux2.6 Running under GNU/Linux
Goto a line number3.4.4 Goto line
GPC, --automake3.8.8 Primary file

Header files3.9.1.1 Include directories
Help3.11.1 Help
Help about a function3.11.3.1 Syntax help
Help about help3.11.6 Help about help
Help about the Info-viewer3.11.6 Help about help
Help system4.14 The INFO Viewer
Highlight the syntax4.9 Syntax highlighting
Highlighting the matching parenthesisMatch pair highlight
Highlighting the syntaxsyntax highlighting
Hints4.3 Some hints and problems
How the editor works4.2 How the editor works

Include directories3.9.1.1 Include directories
Include files3.9.1.1 Include directories
Include files, not finding7. Some FAQs
Include paths7. Some FAQs
Info Viewer4.14 The INFO Viewer
Input line4.12 How the dialogs work
Intelligent C indentingIntelligent C indenting

Language, setting the default7. Some FAQs
Languages1.5.1 Supported languages
Latest version of RHIDE7. Some FAQs
Leaving RHIDE3.2.7 Exit
LFN2.3 Running under Windows 95
Libc reference3.11.5 libc reference
Libraries3.9.3 Libraries
Libraries in a project7. Some FAQs
Library paths7. Some FAQs
Library paths7. Some FAQs
Library search path3.9.1.2 Library directories
Link the program3.6.3 Link
Linker options3.9.4 Linker options
Linker problems7. Some FAQs
Linker problems7. Some FAQs
Linker problems7. Some FAQs
List of all windows3.10.8 List
Listbox4.12 How the dialogs work
Lists4.12 How the dialogs work
Load options2.7.3 Saving/Loading the options
Load options3.9.8 Load options
Loading a file3.2.1 Open
Local options4.4.4 Local options for a project item
Local options for a project item3.8.5 Local options
Long filenames2.3 Running under Windows 95
Long filenames7. Some FAQs
Long filenames7. Some FAQs

Macro executing3.3.12.3 Play
Macro recording3.3.12.1 Record
Macro stop recording3.3.12.2 Stop
Macros3.3.12 Macro
Macros4.13 Defining macros
Main targetname3.8.7 Main targetname
Make3.6.2 Make
Make clear3.8.10 Delete rebuildable files
Makefile3.8.11 Write Makefile
Mark some text4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Memory exhausted7. Some FAQs
Message window4.8 Message window
Miscellaneous commands4.2.5 Other commands
Mouse options3.9.6.4 Mouse options
Moving a window3.10.1 Size/move
MS-DOS3.2.6 DOS Shell

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