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Name of the main target3.8.7 Main targetname
Next message3.4.6 Next message
Next window3.10.5 Next
No shadowsUse no shadows

Object file search path3.9.1.3 Object directories
Object files in a different directory3.9.1.3 Object directories
Open a file3.2.1 Open
Open a project3.8.1 Open project
Optimal fillingOptimal fill
Optimizations, edit the flags3.9.6.13 Optimization-Flags
Optimizing the code3.9.2.2 Optimizations
Options for a single file3.8.5 Local options
Options for the linker3.9.4 Linker options
Options, RHIDE forgot them7. Some FAQs
Order of the project items4.4.1 Items of your project
OS/22.4 Running under OS/2
OS/27. Some FAQs
Other compilers4.7 Change the defaults of RHIDE

Pascal flags, edit them3.9.6.9 Pascal-Flags
Pascal options3.9.2.6 Pascal options
Pascal reserved words3.9.6.6 Pascal reserved words
Paste3.3.5 Paste
Paste from Windows clipboard3.3.9 Paste from Windows clipboard
Persistent blocksPersistent blocks
Playing the macro3.3.12.3 Play
Preprocessing Assembler files2.1 Known suffixes
Previous message3.4.7 Previous message
Previous window3.10.6 Previous
Problems4.3 Some hints and problems
Project window4.4 Project window
Pseudo Macros4.13 Defining macros

Quit3.2.7 Exit

Radiobuttons4.12 How the dialogs work
Rebuilding RHIDE7. Some FAQs
Redirecting stderrredirect stderr
Redirecting stdoutredirect stdout
Redo3.3.2 Redo
Remove a file from the project3.8.4 Delete item
Removing all targets3.8.10 Delete rebuildable files
Removing the internal dependencies3.8.9 Clear dependencies
Repeat of replacing3.4.3 Search again
Repeat of searching3.4.3 Search again
Replacing text3.4.2 Replace
Reporting bugs3.1.2 Bug report
Reporting bugs7. Some FAQs
Reserved words3.9.6.5 Reserved words
Resizing a window3.10.1 Size/move
Reverse mouse buttons3.9.6.4 Mouse options
RHIDE project files7. Some FAQs
RHIDE, latest version7. Some FAQs
rhide.env1.9.1 Setting environment variables for RHIDE
rhide.env, Samples1.9.1 Setting environment variables for RHIDE
Row cursorRow cursor
Running your program3.5.1 Run

Sample projects7. Some FAQs
Save all files to disk3.2.5 Save all
Save options2.7.3 Saving/Loading the options
Save options3.9.7 Save options
Save the file to disk3.2.3 Save
Save the file under a different name3.2.4 Save as
Screen size7. Some FAQs
Search a function3.4.5 Jump to function
Search path for include files3.9.1.1 Include directories
Search path for libraries3.9.1.2 Library directories
Search path for object files3.9.1.3 Object directories
Search path for source files3.9.1.4 Sources directories
Searching text3.4.1 Find
Searchmethod for syntax help3.11.3.3 Options for searching
Select a window4.1 Selecting a window
Select the project window3.10.9 Project
Selecting some text4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Show free memoryshow free memory
Show the includes for a file3.8.6 Includes
Show the project window3.10.9 Project
Show the user screen3.10.10 UserScreen
Show what RHIDE doesshow process information
Single file compiling4.3 Some hints and problems
Size for the tabsTabsize
Source file search path3.9.1.4 Sources directories
Source files in a different directory3.9.1.4 Sources directories
Space as part of an argument2.2 Syntax of arguments
Spaces in filenames7. Some FAQs
Specs1.9.1 Setting environment variables for RHIDE
Standard headers3.9.1.5 Standard headers
Start1.5 Getting started
Starting a macro3.3.12.1 Record
Starting your program3.5.1 Run
stderr redirectingredirect stderr
stdout redirectingredirect stdout
Stopping a macro3.3.12.2 Stop
Store a file3.2.3 Save
Suppressing of warnings3.9.2.1 Warnings
Syntax help3.11.3.1 Syntax help
Syntax help, Index3.11.4 Index for syntax help
Syntax help, Options3.11.3.3 Options for searching
Syntax highlightingsyntax highlighting
Syntax highlighting4.9 Syntax highlighting

Tab sizeTabsize
TabsUse tabs
Tabs to spaces3.3.10 Expand all tabs
Temp directory2.3 Running under Windows 95
temporary do to DOS3.2.6 DOS Shell
Text modeScreen mode
Tile the windows3.10.3 Tile
Transparent blocksTransparent Blocks
Turbo Vision4.11 What is Turbo Vision
Type of the main target3.8.7 Main targetname

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