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8. Index

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Index Entry Section

Adding a file to the project3.8.3 Add item
Additional options for GCC3.9.5 Compiler options
Arguments for your program3.5.6 Arguments
Assembler files, which must be preprocessed2.1 Known suffixes
Automatic dependencies3.9.1.5 Standard headers
Automatic dependencies, problems with it4.3.1 Problems with automatic dependencies
Automatic indentionautoindent
Automatic intentionIntelligent C indenting

Background colors, 1616 background colors
Backup filescreate backup files
Blinking colors16 background colors
block commands4.2.4 Block commands
Bug report3.1.2 Bug report
Bug, reporting it7. Some FAQs
Build3.6.4 Build all
Build the library3.6.3 Link
Building a library3.8.7 Main targetname
Building an executable3.8.7 Main targetname
Builtin calculator5.3.2 Evaluating the contents of variables
Button4.12 How the dialogs work

C Flags, edit them3.9.6.7 C-Flags
C language specific flags3.9.2.4 C options
C++ flags, edit them3.9.6.8 CXX-Flags
Caching of filesNo file caching
Calculator3.1.7 Calculator
Call stack3.7.6 Call stack
Cascade the windows3.10.4 Cascade
Changing the name of the library3.8.7 Main targetname
Changing the name of the program3.8.7 Main targetname
Changing the search paths for files3.9.1 Directories
Checkbox4.12 How the dialogs work
Checking dependencies4.10 Checking the dependencies
Clear3.3.7 Clear
Clearing the dependencies3.8.9 Clear dependencies
Clearing the project3.8.10 Delete rebuildable files
Clipboard3.3.6 Show Clipboard
Close a project3.8.2 Close project
Close a window3.10.7 Close
COFF file, Creating3.8.7 Main targetname
Colors3.9.6.1 Colors
Column cursorColumn cursor
Commandline arguments for your program3.5.6 Arguments
Commandline options1.5 Getting started
Compile3.6.1 Compile
Compile without a project4.3 Some hints and problems
Compiler options3.9.5 Compiler options
COMSPEC3.2.6 DOS Shell
Configuring RHIDE4.7 Change the defaults of RHIDE
Context help4.14 The INFO Viewer
Controlling the optimization of the code3.9.2.2 Optimizations
Controlling the warnings3.9.2.1 Warnings
Copy3.3.4 Copy
Copy to Windows clipboard3.3.8 Copy to Windows clipboard
Cplusplus options3.9.2.5 CXX options
Creating a COFF file3.8.7 Main targetname
Creating a makefile1.6 The program GPR2MAK
Creating a makefile3.8.11 Write Makefile
Creating a makefileall dependencies in makefile
Creating a new file3.2.2 New
Creating a new project3.8.1 Open project
Creating a project7. Some FAQs
Creating an exe-file7. Some FAQs
Creating backup filescreate backup files
Cross cursorColumn cursor
Cross cursorRow cursor
Cursor moving4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Cursor through tabs7. Some FAQs
Cut3.3.3 Cut
CXX options3.9.2.5 CXX options

Debugging1.5.2 Debugging RHIDE
Debugging info3.9.2.3 Debugging
Debugging RHIDEshow process information
Debugging RHIDEShow GDB commands
Debugging with RHIDE3.7 Debug
Debugging, dual displayUse dual display
Debugging, edit the flags3.9.6.12 Debugging-Flags
Default commandline7. Some FAQs
Default file mask3.2.1 Open
Default language7. Some FAQs
Default project file7. Some FAQs
Default project file, more than one7. Some FAQs
Define your own reserved words3.9.6.14 User words
Defines3.9.5 Compiler options
Delete a file from the project3.8.4 Delete item
Delete the selected text3.3.7 Clear
Deleting commands4.2.1 Erasing commands
Dependencies for a file3.8.6 Includes
Dependencies in makefileall dependencies in makefile
Dependencies, checking4.10 Checking the dependencies
Dependencies, problems with it4.3.1 Problems with automatic dependencies
Dialog function keys4.12 How the dialogs work
Different name for RHIDE7. Some FAQs
Directory for temp files2.3 Running under Windows 95
Disable shadowsUse no shadows
Disassembler3.7.5 Disassembler window
Documentation for RHIDE7. Some FAQs
Donations to the author7. Some FAQs
DOS3.2.6 DOS Shell
Dual display5.2 Dual display debugging
Dual display when debuggingUse dual display
Dual display with RHGDB6. Debugging with RHGDB

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