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9. Index of key commands

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Index Entry Section

Activate a button | ENTER4.12 How the dialogs work
Activate a flag | SPACE3.9.2.8 How to toggle these flags
Activate menu bar | F104.11 What is Turbo Vision
Add a project item | Ins3.8.3 Add item
Again find/replace | Ctrl+L4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Auto indent | Ctrl+O4.2.5 Other commands

Begin of file | Ctrl+PgUp4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Block indenting | Ctrl+K+Tab4.2.4 Block commands
Block unindenting | Ctrl+K+Shift+Tab4.2.4 Block commands
Bottom of file | Ctrl+PgDown4.2.2 Cursor moving commands

Call stack | Ctrl+F33.7.6 Call stack
Close a window | Alt+F33.10.7 Close
Close a window | Del3.10.8 List
Compile | Alt+F93.6.1 Compile
Context help | Ctrl+F14.14 The INFO Viewer
Copy | Ctrl+Ins3.3.4 Copy
Copy | Ctrl+Ins4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Copy | Ctrl+K+K4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Cursor down | Ctrl+X4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Cursor left | Ctrl+S4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Cursor right | Ctrl+D4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Cursor up | Ctrl+E4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Cut | Ctrl+K+Y4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Cut | Shift+Del3.3.3 Cut
Cut | Shift+Del4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands

Delete a character | Ctrl+G4.2.1 Erasing commands
Delete a character | Ctrl+H4.2.1 Erasing commands
Delete selected text | Ctrl+Del4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Delete to the beginning of line | Ctrl+Q+H4.2.1 Erasing commands
Delete to the end of line | Ctrl+Q+Y4.2.1 Erasing commands
Delete to the next word | Ctrl+T4.2.1 Erasing commands
Delete to the previous word | Ctrl+Backspace4.2.1 Erasing commands

End of block | Ctrl+K+K4.2.4 Block commands
End of file | Ctrl+Q+C4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
End of line | Ctrl+Q+D4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Erase a character | Backspace4.2.1 Erasing commands
Erase a character | Del4.2.1 Erasing commands
Erase a line | Ctrl+Y4.2.1 Erasing commands
Evaluate/Modify | Ctrl+F43.7.2 Evaluate/Modify
Execute a macro | Shift+Space4.2.5 Other commands

Find | Ctrl+Q+F3.4.1 Find
Find | Ctrl+Q+F4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands

Go to cursor (No display swap) | Shift+F43.5.4 Go to cursor
Go to cursor | F43.5.4 Go to cursor
Goto line | Ctrl+J3.4.4 Goto line

Help about the INFO Viewer | F14.14 The INFO Viewer
Help about the INFO viewer | F13.11.1 Help
Help | F13.11.1 Help

Ignoring | Ctrl+C1.3 What is RHIDE?
Indent block | Ctrl+K+I4.2.4 Block commands
Interrupting the compilers | Ctrl+Break1.3 What is RHIDE?

Jump to a line | Ctrl+J4.2.5 Other commands
Jump to a marker | Ctrl+Q+?4.2.5 Other commands
Jump to function | Alt+F23.4.5 Jump to function
Jump to the source line | ENTER4.8 Message window

Leaving a dialog | ESC3.2.1 Open
Leaving a dialog | ESC3.9.2.8 How to toggle these flags
Leaving a dialog | ESC4.12 How the dialogs work
Leaving RHIDE | Alt+X3.2.7 Exit
List of all windows | Alt+03.10.8 List
List of functions | Ctrl+F15.5.2 Modifying and setting a breakpoint
Local options | Ctrl+O3.8.5 Local options
Local options | Ctrl+O4.4.4 Local options for a project item

Macro play | Ctrl+F103.3.12.3 Play
Macro start | Shift+F103.3.12.1 Record
Macro stop | Alt+F103.3.12.2 Stop
Make | F93.6.2 Make
Menu | F101.5 Getting started
Menu | F103. Description of the pull-down menus
Move block | Ctrl+K+V4.2.4 Block commands

Next input line | Tab3.9.3 Libraries
Next message | Alt+F83.4.6 Next message
Next window | F63.10.5 Next

open a file | F33.2.1 Open
Open a project item | ENTER4.4.2 Open a project item
Open an include file | ENTER4.4.3 Dependencies of project item
Overwrite mode | Ctrl+V4.2.5 Other commands

Page down | Ctrl+C4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Page up | Ctrl+R4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Paste | Ctrl+K+C4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Paste | Shift+Ins3.3.5 Paste
Paste | Shift+Ins4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Previous input line | Shift+Tab3.9.3 Libraries
Previous message | Alt+F73.4.7 Previous message
Previous window | Shift+F63.10.6 Previous
Program reset | Ctrl+F23.5.5 Program reset

Read block from file | Ctrl+K+R4.2.4 Block commands
Remove a project item | Del3.8.4 Delete item
Remove from the watches | Del5.3.3 Watching the contents of variables
Replace | Ctrl+Q+A3.4.2 Replace
Replace | Ctrl+Q+A4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Resize/move a window | Ctrl+F53.10.1 Size/move
Resizing a window | Shift+3.10.1 Size/move
Run | Ctrl+F93.5.1 Run

saving a file | F23.2.3 Save
Search again | Ctrl+L3.4.3 Search again
Select a item in a Listbox | ENTER4.12 How the dialogs work
Select a menu entry | ENTER4.11 What is Turbo Vision
Select a message | ENTER4.3 Some hints and problems
Select a window | ENTER3.10.8 List
Select menu item | ENTER3. Description of the pull-down menus
Select text | Shift4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands
Selecting a window | Alt4.1 Selecting a window
Set a marker | Ctrl+K+?4.2.5 Other commands
Show includes | Ctrl+I3.8.6 Includes
Start of block | Ctrl+K+B4.2.4 Block commands
Start of file | Ctrl+Q+R4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Start of line | Ctrl+Q+S4.2.2 Cursor moving commands
Step over (No display swap) | Shift+F83.5.2 Step over
Step over | F83.5.2 Step over
Syntax help | Ctrl+F13.11.3.1 Syntax help
System Menu | Alt+SPACE3.1 System menu

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