RHIDE - an IDE for DJGPP and other GNU based systems

General information about RHIDE

What is RHIDE?

RHIDE is an IDE (integrated development environment). It is NOT a compiler. With RHIDE you can develop and debug your applications written in C, C++, Pascal and other languages for which you have a compiler which can be called from RHIDE.

On what systems does RHIDE run?

The original system, RHIDE was written for, is DJGPP. Because of many requests and the increasing popularity I made RHIDE also available for GNU/Linux. Support for CYGWIN is still unstable.

Is there a mailing list for RHIDE?

Yes, it is called rhide-users. You can browse the archiv of previous post online here. If you want to post there or want to get all the other post in you mailbox, you can subcribe online here.